Monday, April 13, 2015

Moving (for some reason)

I realize my timing is less than stellar.  There's a Woman in the Pulpit, a book project of the RevGalBlogPals in which I have an essay, has begun shipping, and the blog address I included in my bio is out of date already.  It's this address.  Oops.

I was considering starting over even as I was drafting that bio, but I didn't have a plan.  I didn't have a new web address.  I didn't have a blog title or anything.

But then after I sent it all in, when it started to sink in how excited I was that wrote something for a book, when I realized how my ministry, thinking, and writing was shifting, I knew I just needed to do it.  I also knew what the title of my new blog would have to be.  For some reason.  I explain a little about that title in my first post over there on March 21, 2015.  Minor spoiler alert: It's the title of my essay in the book, but there's more to it than that, so I hope you'll pop over there and read around a little.

I'll leave this blog here, if for no other reason, because it's the most organization I have for my old sermons.  I can't even begin to think about doing something different with those.

Other than that, I hope you'll join me over at my new blog, For Some Reason.

Grace and peace,