Monday, March 25, 2013

Early Easter thoughts

I was stressing last night about how I thought I had a great new-to-me angle on the Luke Easter account, but then I discovered it was the exact angle I had three years ago. I posted on the RevGals Facebook page that I'm not tall afraid of a repreach or a tweak, but it is still early in the week to go down that road in my planning.

Then this morning, fresh off the treadmill and heading toward the shower, I had a new thought. I'm thinking about how different people in the Like account received The good news of the resurrection. The women were caught off guard, terrified, humbled, and eventually empowered. Most of the 11 were dismissive, but then Peter has a need to see for himself. On Easter Sunday, when we have ALL SORTS of different people in worship all over the spectrum of faith, we have some of each of these even in our midst. The good news is that the promise of the resurrection doesn't depend on how we receive it or how much we believe it or how we've reconciled it with our knowledge or logic or even our faith. God doesn't wait for us to believe to raise Jesus from the dead. God raises Jesus to new life first then invites us into the journey of faith to see what that new life is all about. Dang.

Promises and Invitations

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Keeping On Keeping On

I didn't realize it had been almost a month since I last posted.  I've talked a lot in my head!

I'll start with successes since they're most fun.
Running is going GREAT!
1.  My pace is increasing little by little.
2.  Last week's long run was 6 miles, and I ran the entire way on the treadmill.  I kept the pace slow and steady, and ...
3.  I felt like I could have gone another mile if I needed to.
4.  With that confidence I went ahead and signed up for a 7K race (about 4.4 miles) that is 2 weeks from today.  I want to get some races in again before the half marathon.
5.  Oh yeah!!!  I got into the Grandma's Half Marathon through the lottery system, so that is ON!
6.  I stopped by The Running Room to get some help with gear for running outside when it is still cold.  I dropped some money (shhhh...don't tell my husband), but I've got to start getting off the treadmill.  The long runs are really long there, and even if I keep doing them to continue running with my partners, I want to get outside for some of my training runs to get used to real terrain and hills and all of that.  I wore my stuff for a "recovery" run today, and it was perfect!
7.  I now have two running partners.  My usual partner is a friend who is also running the half marathon.  Our new treadmill friend is another friend from church who we bumped into a few times at the Y.  Now all three of us meet three times a week.  The new member of our treadmill line-up is a VETERAN racer.  She's 20+ weeks pregnant and runs our same distances in about 2/3 of the time.  Whew.  An inspiration.
8.  On my outside run today I figured out that the hill up from my house to the church is about the same rise and length as the big hill on the race route.  I think I'll try to consistently do my Saturday run up that hill.  One of my mini-goals for the half marathon is to do the big famous "Lemon Drop Hill" running.

Food and weight are doing OK:
1.  We have gone to the planned meals from the program I bought, and they are going well.  I like having different thought out dishes instead of just noodles and red sauce because we didn't think ahead.  I do a big shopping trip once every week or ten days and we have real meals to cook and eat each night.  I like cooking almost every night actually which to some sounds weird.
2.  I have lost some weight.  Today I weighed in at 184.5, so I'm down about 5 pounds from where I started, and less than 20 pounds from my ultimate goal this summer.  I did set a mid-term goal of 175 by April 19.

Now some of the other things that aren't so great
1.  My right heel hurts.  Bad.  From what I'm reading it sounds like plantar fasciitis, which is an issue with the tissue that connects your toes to your heel across the bottom of your foot. Formally thought to be an inflammation problem, many now think it's actually a bunch of small tears in the tissue.  I probably should have rested today to give it two full days of rest, but I didn't.  I've bought some inserts that are supposed to help which is good.  I need to start wearing shoes around the house all the time to reduce the stress on my heels all the time.  What the means is I need to go buy some "house only" shoes and more inserts.
2.  The sidewalks are still icy in a lot of place.  Very annoying.  I want to get outside, but have to do a lot of stopping and starting to get around the dangerous parts.
3.  The weight loss isn't what I want it to be, but I'm getting over that goal a little.  I get SO HUNGRY as my mileage goes up.  If I don't gain, I'll be happy.  If I keep chipping away at it little by little, I'll be thrilled.  It's still a little frustrating, but I'm trying to five myself a pass on that.  I might hit my midterm goal, but I'm not convinced.  That's OK.  That's OK.

I think that's it.  I'm feeling very good about all of this, and am thrilled to be on my way to really, actually doing 13.1 miles.  The husband of our new 20+ week pregnant running partner asked me when we were all out for pizza and beer last night (I know, it doesn't nothing for that weight goal, but don't judge) why I got it in my head that I wanted to do a half marathon.  I didn't really get to answer fully because of the kid interruptions.  I did tell the story that I said the only reason I'd ever get a tattoo is if I ran a full marathon.  Once I said that (a year or so ago) the idea became more and more enticing.  Of course I haven't known what I would get for that tattoo.  I told him that I was sure that something would come to mind and be important as I trained and worked up to that.  Well, that might have come today.

My little man came up to me today and said, "Mom, I learned something in my dream last night.  If you don't win at something, you win in God's heart." Five and half years old.  He floored me. I asked him how he learned it in his dream and he said, "I heard it then I just kept saying it over and over again."  It chokes me up 12 hours later because I can't even imagine having that kind of certainty or insight or wisdom or innocence or trust or understanding or, or, anything!  So, I think my tattoo and my mantra through the half marathon and beyond to the marathon someday is this "I learned something in my dream."