Thursday, January 17, 2013

Finding My Jeans

A new friend of mine is a personal trainer and health coach.  I only wish she lived closer to I could hire her in person.

Lucky for me, and hopefully many others, she's started a blog chronicling her own health and training efforts which can also serve as training and coaching for the rest of us.  I think I'm going to join in.  (She may or may not be remaining anonymous, so I'm not going to blow her cover unless she does.)

My blog has been weak, to say the least, lately.  And by lately I mean the last year.  I've been slack about posting my sermons.  Part of that has been because I've been posting most of them on the church blog, too, and I'm just tired of reformatting them twice.  Who knows what the other parts are?  I've never gotten fully engaged in blogging culture.  I don't read around a whole lot.  Oh yeah - - I actually hate writing.  :)  There's that.  I have a lot of ideas, and I love thoughtful engagement.  I just hate actually writing.  So, we'll see how this restart goes.

Anyway, back to the training and coaching - - My friend has started a blog called "The Red Jeans Project" on which she will document her journey to fit into her AWESOME red jeans by her birthday in April 2013.  I need something to get me back in gear.  I do this stupid year round yo-yo thing with my health and fitness, and I hate it.  I care more some times then others.  When I get frustrated, I get really frustrated.  When I can't commit to all aspects (food, exercise, and sleep) I don't even work on one of them.  If I can't work out in a week I go ahead and finish a package of Oreos in 5 days because, why the hell not?  If I blew it this week, I might as well totally blow it.  I hate this.  It makes me hate myself, too.  What is this all about?

Lots to work on, but let's start where my friend starts with SMART goals. I posted a question over at her blog about how many goals can be worked on at once.  I wonder about this.  Some of my goals seem like they overlap, but in the end might not necessarily if what I get is not necessarily a smaller body, but a more fit body, one that I can push to the next limit, which is a real goal.

1.  I want to run a half marathon.  I've been planning on this one for a while.  Unfortunately, the one I've been planning to run isn't going to work because it is on the same day as a youth triathlon I'm helping to coordinate in our town.  I'm looking for another one, but most of them are on Sundays.  I work Sundays (duh).  Not thrilled about this conflict at all.  I think this is attainable.  I hope it is.  I haven't been running long, and I'm not great about running consistently year round, just during my own little season, but my first year I ran 5K races and survived.  Last year I increased to 10K races and survived.  This year I want to do a 1/2 marathon.  I think I can stick to it if I could just. get. started.  Why does getting started suck so badly?

2.  I want to lose 20 pounds.  Like my friend at the Red Jeans Project, I have had success in major weight loss in the past, but I have over time (and over pregnancies) put some of it back on.  I hate that.  I know it's possible to lose weight, but I don't know how to maintain a healthy target.  I don't like having to pay attention.  Maybe it's being lazy, but whatever.  I don't like it.

Here's my problem, when I increase my exercise like I need to increase it to get back up to any distance beyond a 5K, I get hungry.  VERY hungry.  I get that I can eat more when I am exercising heavily, and I calculate that into my calorie counts and all of that, but still.  Even when I do, I just get so hungry.  I try to make smarter food choices so that I can eat more.  But, even when I do, I just get so hungry.

And then on top of all this, there's just the time.  I can't figure out how to carve out the time to do my first goal.  Maybe that makes it unattainable.  In the past I have done my training on workouts 3 days a week.  I just don't know that I can do a 1/2 marathon training program on 3 days a week.  I think I need to go up to 4  days a week to feel confident with it, but I don't know how to fit 4 days of workouts into my week.

Oy vey.  More to think about still.  Most of all I just need to find some motivation.  I want something fun like red jeans because the anticipation of just knowing that I will feel good having met those two goals is not nearly enough.  I'm only motivated by things much more tangible.

Where will I find my jeans?!?!?!


Common Household Mom said...

Well, I like your writing.

Bravo on setting those SMART goals. Having a specific, definable goal is a great way to start.

I found my motivation to lose weight when I went for a doctor's visit, and she said that I should lose 10 pounds in order to save me a lot of grief with my bladder later on. Yikes! Plus my mother has a lot of difficulty with her knees, and I'd like to avoid that if I can. (I hope that wasn't TMI.)

I lost the weight, through Weight Watchers. I think the most important thing I have learned is to truly enjoy my food. I think it would have been impossible for me to get to that point without first 'doing the program' - counting points, setting limits, etc. I got the weight loss significantly under way before I tried increasing my exercise. I am not ever going to try to run any marathons, half or full, though! The other thing that was key was to have a group to turn to for support. The Red Jeans Project sounds like a great way to form a group for just that purpose.

It works differently for every person. I just mainly wanted to cheer you on!

Stephanie Anthony/She Rev said...

I lost my 50 pounds way back when on Weight Watchers, too. NW that I live in a smaller community with limited meeting times, I haven't been successful with it. The meetings or more accurately the weigh-ins, even though they are private, matter for me. Accountability.

Thanks for your support on this and with the writing. I like the result of writing. I just hate the process. :)