Monday, September 17, 2012

Body Ministry

I was just filling out a little survey about embodied ministry, and in doing so I remembered a moment in ministry that I had otherwise forgotten. What a gift from the Spirit today!

I served communion in the hospital once to a woman in her mid-90s who we thought was quite close to death. (Spoiler - - she turns 100 next month)  It was a cramped room; I remember that feeling.  I was tired; it was the end of a long day.  I can still feel how exhausted I was making the trek into the Cities for the Sunday evening visit at the request of her daughter.  The saint in the hospital bed didn't have the strength or the presence of mind to actually eat and drink the elements, so without really talking about how we would do this, I held the bread in my hands for the prayers and then put it to her lips.  Her lips closed on it gently, briefly, then opened.  Her daughter than took it and ate it for her.  We did the same with the cup.  In that moment, something we could not have done without our bodies, to me the three us became the church, embodied.

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