Saturday, July 9, 2011

Long time no write

So, apparently May took it out of me. :) I haven't neglected my blog for this long in quite a while. I think the summer is to blame. I have had extremely limited time to get my work done since school got out. LadyPrincess has been accompanying me to work for at least part of every day since the summer vacation got started. I have done a lot of driving around here and there to get her to and from summer school, a book club at the library so that her days aren't ALL about sitting around my work, and swimming lessons that have GREATLY paid off. It means that every available "work" moment goes to visibly productive work, which means no blogging while sitting at my desk, and quite a bit of work from the home computer at night. This pace of the summer comes to an end this week, though, so maybe things around here will pick back up. And maybe not. I also head out of town for a couple of trips at the end of the month, so who knows what will happen to the blog in that time. My iPad was stolen a week ago, so mobile blogging will be decreased for sure. Saving up to replace it with my reimbursement checks from work. I'm not too far away from having an iPad 2, but it won't be right away for sure.

Saturday evening at 10:06 pm is not a usual time for a "check in" post, and unfortunately I'm not doing it because my sermon is done. My little Pearl is having a HECK of a time falling asleep tonight. It's either her sunburned arms, MAYBE teeth (but I don't think so), or the two hour nap she took just before dinner. Or maybe all three. All I know is that I just can't settle into writing until all the kiddos are down for the night. I've experienced this before when one or two (or even three) are still up a little late, but this is ridiculous at this hour.

Phil just poked his head in and let me know he was finally able to lay her down without her screaming so maybe this is it. The other thing I can't do until all the kids are sleeping is eat my dessert, so that's first on my agenda. Maybe I'll find something with a little chocolate to boost my energy level and get me started. A little less than two hours to write until bedtime. I think I'll get something done!