Tuesday, November 1, 2011

NaBloPoMo: To Write or Not to Write

So, I did a post a day back in May, and since my blog has been sadly slow for a couple of months now, I thought it was time to do it again. After the last one with the BROAD theme of "maybe" I figured this time I'd go with the daily prompts at NaBloPoMo. That worked out well since I learned that in the actual National Blog Posting Month (November) there isn't a general theme beyond blogging for blogging's sake. So here I go, giving it a try.

November 1 Prompt: What is your favorite part about writing?

That one is easy - - finishing. I do not like the process of writing. I don't like thinking up something to write about. I don't like getting started. I don't like getting stuck in the middle, taking too many breaks, getting distracted then frustrated then eating....

Whew. I don't like the process of writing at all, but I do like when I produce something good for all that work. The writing I do is usually for sermons, occasionally a well-thought out newsletter article, sometimes an important letter or communication. I'm sure my struggles are not unique to my writing and my audience, but in the process of writing I have all these competing worries about my purpose, my readers/hearers who support the idea, my readers/hearers who will be offended or disturbed, people who are on the fringe and may decide whether or not to become more involved based on this one communication, my own thoughts and beliefs and hang-ups, and then there's God. All of those considerations make the process quite taxing to me.

But, oh how I love it when it's done. I feel so complete. I feel accomplished. I feel productive and creative and satisfied. I fulfilled and used, in the best way, if there is a best way to feel used.

This is part of the reason I've gone to preaching without notes. The process of preparing sermons was really becoming a drag on me. I wasn't all the way to burn out or anything, but the late nights, the long writing, it was getting close to not much fun anymore. I needed a change.

I've gone mostly without written sermons since August, but still feel the urge to write down SOMETHING afterward. I haven't done it yet, but it's been bugging me. I've also found that I still need to write my sermons that need to be careful. I wrote the one for the 10th anniversary of 9/11 because I didn't want to misspeak my words. I'm still writing funeral sermons for the same reason, and I don't think I'll change that.

I think I might start writing posts on Sunday afternoon called "What I hope I preached." That would help me get the sermon idea down somewhere more permanently, less formally, but still in some kind of written form. It will be the "finish" I'm still looking for.

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Common Household Mom said...

I'm not sure if I can define what my favorite part of writing is. I just know that the act of writing (and editing) helps me define my thoughts.