Friday, September 9, 2011

Friday Five: Work Space

Funny! A few weeks ago I did a post like this myself, and now it's a Friday Five from Rev Gals. The instructions are to describe 5 things on my workspace.

Here's what's here:
1. A Waterford crystal post-it note holder. For real. When I began to announce my call to ministry and at that time I thought a call to world missions, one of my mom's best friends and an elder in my
childhood church gave this to me. She said it would be perfect for my desk when I was a missionary. To this day it reminds me of the pure love and support of so many people even if they don't always get what this whole ministry thing is about.

2. A glass pitcher from home. Not a permanent fixture on my desk, but something I brought in a few months ago when there was a baptism. We have no pitcher for pouring water into the font, so I just bring the one my husband and I received as a wedding gift. Pier One circa 2003. Clear glass with a blue glass ribbon fused in a spiral around the piece. Works beautifully for the sacrament.

3. Freeze-dried chives. 18-24 months ago, when I was pregnant, I ate a lot of baked potatoes for lunch. The almost empty spice jar just hasn't made it home yet.

4.Yes that is my Hebrew concordance. While I have not used the ancient languages nearly as much as I had hoped in seminary (read: at all), I've been drawn back to them more and more lately. It's not at all surprising that. I've lost most of my proficiency. I wish I could take a refresher course.

5. An olive wood bound New Testament. A church member gave this to me last week. She bought it in 1960 when she was traveling in the Middle East. She inscribed it "Bought in Jerusalem, Jordan." She is very sick with cancer that snuck up on her about 8 months ago. She wants desperately to beat it and lives with great hope, but things do not look good at all. She gave me this book for my ministry. I am realistic about the way her disease is progressing and realize that my first use of it may be at her funeral.

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1-4 Grace said...

I am so touched by the story on the Olive wood bound NT. Prayers for her and for you in the journey.
And, LOL, so glad someone else has an odd assortment of stuff

revkjarla said...

everything I-4 Grace said.....
Thank you!
The chive bottle cracked me up!

Mavis said...

A wonderfully eclectic collection which I enjoyed reading about