Monday, May 9, 2011

NaBloPoMo: Maybe (not), Day 9

OK. The main goal of this is to get me blogging more, specifically daily, at least for the month of May. I don't have anything on the "maybe" topic, but I've got something else.

I've got anxiety. LadyPrincess has her birthday party on Saturday. After much hemming and hawing about where it would be and what we would do, K decided she just wanted to have friends over to our (very small) house to color with chalk, eat pizza, and have cake. Hey. I can do that. We sent invitations home with all the girls in her class (just 7 including her) last week and now we wait for the responses.

Enter my anxiety. We got our first RSVP today, a yes, which is great. I'm waiting anxiously for more. I'm worried for her that for some reason people aren't coming. I know. It's stupid, but she has waited so patiently (usually) all year for her turn to have her birthday and her party. She is literally the last kid to turn 6 in her class during the school year. We have gone to just about every party, and she is so excited to have her own, a simple one, at home. This couldn't be any easier, but I'm freaked out that for some reason no one will come and she will be heartbroken.

Goodness, gracious, SheRev. Get a grip. Am I really going to relive every one of my own childhood issues through my children? Because this could be ridiculous. In fact it feels even worse than my own issues because I'm just so much more keenly aware of how painful it could be, and I don't want my big girl to be hurt.

I get that people just don't seem to RSVP anymore. I work in the church and plan programs. I DEFINITELY get that people don't RSVP. Couldn't they just do it this once, so my stomach would stop churning? Maybe just this once? (There I got one maybe in.)

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