Tuesday, May 31, 2011

NaBloPoMo: Maybe, Day 31 - - I did it!

I sure have been eating a lot of crow these days over this whole running bit. I have always been a staunch exercise hater - - particularly a hater of running. I've been more than a little proud about this. It's sort of been the fat-me schtick. "I don't exercise and I'm proud of it."

Well, then I started exercising and not just working out, but working out publicly, talking about it, writing about. For Pete's sake I made it the subject of a church newsletter and have had guest posts on an exercise blog. Geez, Louise. (Pete? Louise? Who are these people?) When I made some comment about it on Facebook a friend of mine who has ALWAYS been very active, from when we were young and on soccer and softball teams together (I was bad, very bad at these) and even now that we are moms who live strangely close to each other for two grown women who live 1,600 miles from their hometown. The kids and I went on a playdate to her house about a year ago. She gave me the choice of driving to nearby playground or walking "just up the road a little." Her "just" is a lot different than my "just." Dear God!

Anyway, she posted on my FB comment asking if I liked running now. My sister's comment was my favorite after that. "Let's not get carried away!" It was my first thought, too. But then I let it sink in a little while and the sneaking suspicion started to arise. Hey, I think I do like running now!

I'm having another similar experience today. It's sort of a difficult day at work for unbloggable reasons. It's been sort of a difficult few weeks. When I cleaned out my car before my parents visited for Pearl's birthday there were more empty DQ Blizzard cups rolling around than I cared to admit. I had been comforting myself with these treats every time I drove to or from a difficult meeting or just had to get out of the building to clear my head.

Well, we've reached a turning point today in all of these strange times. It has been by no means an easy day, maybe the hardest of them all so far. But you know what? I don't think I'll drive to Dairy Queen (or Culvers, because there were just as many empty Concrete Mixer cups on the floor of the car, too) this afternoon. I mean, I'd enjoy the treat and all, but I don't really feel that need. I do, however, want to hit the gym sometime this afternoon. It's not supposed to be a running day in my 10K training program, but I'm scheduled to do some cross training, a stationary bike ride is what I think I'll do.

Maybe I've turned another corner, one I didn't really imagine I needed to turn. Maybe I've turned a mental health corner, too, in all of this training. It certainly wasn't intentional, but I'll take it just the same. I want to do something healthy with my stress instead of eat my way through it.

Maybe it's time to go preheat the oven to bake some crow pie for dessert.

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