Tuesday, May 31, 2011

NaBloPoMo: Maybe, Day 30

Well, I've almost done it. Personally I'm not counting the two days Blogger was mucked up against me, just so you know. I'm pretty sure I won't try the same kind of challenge in June, but maybe just maybe participating in this has gotten me a little more engaged with my blog. It's funny. I tried to do daily blogging for Lent last year. I didn't last more than a week, if that long. I wonder what the difference was.

Maybe I felt awkward about taking that kind of introspective journey public (or public-ish anyway).

Maybe it was too hard to do ONE. MORE. THING. at 7, 8, and 9 months pregnant.

Maybe (and I think this one was it) it had something to do with putting my real name on my blog. For some reason that has seemed to me to be a real step forward for me in my commitment to doing SOMETHING on here. I left it anonymous at the start (and for like 3 years) because I wasn't sure what I would use it for and I thought it was easier to leave the toothpaste in the tube than to try to stuff it back in later. I think, though, I didn't use it for anything much because it was anonymous. It wasn't tied to me, so it was almost like I couldn't be me. I haven't gone crazy or anything since putting my name on it, but I feel more connected to it since then. I haven't had to keep my kids out of it, my context hidden. I think there's more potential for something here now.

We'll see.

(For the record, yes it is after midnight, and therefore May 31, but I'm still counting this as day 30/May 30 because I haven't gone to bed yet. Now is that time. Goodnight!)

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Common Household Mom said...

This is just sinking in, that you have kids, were writing and delivering sermons, AND you were blogging daily. BRAVO!