Friday, May 27, 2011

NaBloPoMo: Maybe, Day 27

Maybe I was meant for life on a commune. Do those still exist? Or maybe I need to dig out my project from the church history class in seminary when we all had to invent our own church order. I don't remember much about mine, and actually I don't remember really being all that interested in the project itself at the time. But I do remember mine was for families living somewhat communally. Sometimes it seems like a great idea.

The neighbors came over tonight to share our ROCKIN' pork roast from the church Drive Through BBQ fundraiser. We had 8 kids and 4 adults around (they had an extra over) and just ate wherever we fit. The kids ran around and played and enjoyed themselves. We chatted, shared a bottle of wine, and laughed a lot. It was a awesome. I love casual nights with easy friends. I love sharing our families!


Common Household Mom said...

Hope this comment goes through - it's my 4th try.

I think it's great that you have neighbors you can get together with like that.

You invented your own church order? You mean like Benedictines versus Jesuits versus Silent Monks of Carthusia?

Stephanie Anthony/She Rev said...

Yeah - - it was a big part of our mid-term exam. I remember thinking it was a cool assignment, but then not getting nearly as into it as I could have mostly out of procrastination (says the pastor writing her sermon on Saturday night).

The neighbors have been a major blessing in my life. Where we used to live we had a great house with an "open floor plan" and lots of storage an all that, but I didn't know the name of one person in my neighborhood. We moved here on a day that was -2 degrees, so when the world thawed a few months later and I finally met our across the street neighbors I was thrilled. We have 7 kids between our families and 4 working adults with no REAL local grandparents. We share after school childcare, trade parents' night out dates once a month, and turn the kids loose on our dead end street to wander back and forth to play. You feed whoever shows up at a meal time. I love it!