Thursday, May 26, 2011

NaBloPoMo: Maybe, Day 26

Maybe I'm not meant to be a daily blogger. I'm glad to have taken up the challenge of a month of daily post, but I'm glad I've only taken it for a month. Or at least I'm glad I've only taken this particular challenge for a month. The theme of "maybe" is a little too vague for me. I feel like I've written the same thing almost 25 times, or at least about 20. There have been a few original topics. :)

So, I'll finish this challenge out. I'm only a few days away from success (other than the 2 days when Blogger was acting up). But when June comes I think I'll try to change it up a little. I'll still aim for daily posts for another month, I think, but I won't feel like I'm tied to a particular theme (especially one like "maybe" - geesh!). I'll try to pick a topic sometime during the day and either blog it right away or save it until later. Or if nothing jumps out at me I'll use the daily writing prompt from the National Blog Posting Month website. That will feel a little more natural.

I think my other goal will be to comment on at least one other person's blog every day. I LOVE comments. Who doesn't? I read a lot of blogs without commenting, but figure other people would probably appreciate a few comments, too. I know I'm coming late to the blogging world and it seems like some of it is fizzling out a little bit, but I'm still willing to give it a try. We'll see!


Common Household Mom said...

I've been reading here every day, but dang it, it seems every time I go to comment I get interrupted. As for blogging daily, I admire that you have been able to. But it's not something I could possibly do. I blog as a sort of way to keep my sanity. It doesn't work to well in May, the month of end-of-the school-year everything.

Stephanie Anthony/She Rev said...

You rock. I do the same thing. Read through everyone, swearing I'll go back and comment, but then I don't quite make it. Thanks for chiming in so much. It's really helped keep me going with this. It's been good for me even though it hasn't been the most interesting reading.

Wendy said...

I blame blog readers and my lack of anything insightful to add for not commenting. I can write "yeah, me too!" only so many times without starting to feel kind of dull.

Stephanie Anthony/She Rev said...

I completely agree, Wendy. I feel silly saying "ditto"