Monday, May 23, 2011

NaBloPoMo: Maybe, Day 23

So the world didn't end this weekend. Not that I thought it would. Not that anyone with with any credibility thought it would. Since I was on vacation I missed the opportunity to address it at all in worship. Maybe that was a good thing. I may have made snarky comments which probably wouldn't have been appropriate. I'm reading all these stories about people who really did believe it enough to sell everything they had to try to convince others. How horrendous. Someone on Twitter posted something to the effect of - - "I get why they want it to be true. I want to go to bed tonight thinking tomorrow will be drastically different." Maybe that's what was so appealing about the whole idea. Maybe people just want to believe that SOMEthing will change, that God will intervene, that what they are experiencing is temporary, that there's a way out. Maybe that's not something to scoff at.

I think this whole media storm could have been an opportunity to talk about the end times, the kingdom of God, the (false idea of the) rapture. Maybe it still is? I'm not excited about the lectionary options for this coming Sunday, so I'm thinking about picking up these topics. I would go the direction of not knowing the day or the time, so until then sinking ourselves into the task of embodying God's love and radical inclusion here and now. I'll keep thinking on it for a little. Tomorrow is my last day of vacation so I don't want to get back to work too soon!

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