Saturday, May 14, 2011

NaBloPoMO: Maybe, Day 14-ish

So, like gazillions of others I was locked out of my blog Thursday and Friday. I don't actually know what the story was, but I saw other people complaining and when I came over here I had lost a post and some comments. I didn't even try to put anything up because I didn't want my words to be lost and wasted.

But maybe there aren't wasted words. I mean, I write in a journal that no one ever reads, but does that mean the words are wasted? I've been thinking about that a lot since I've been trying to up my blogging. I write in a journal daily. I haven't missed a day since like the 6th grade. We're talking over 20 years here. It's on top of that that I have been trying to add daily blogging. It's been hard for me to do.

But the two are totally different. No one reads my journals. I'm pretty sure it's been that way the whole time even though, confessional, I was totally a journal peeker of my sister's as a child. She caught me back then, so it's not complete news to her anyway. But I THINK no one reads mine. I don't imagine or plan for anyone to while I'm alive and I joke that it shouldn't be my kids who read them, but my grandkids. The readers need to be at least a generation removed from me even after I'm dead. I would be embarrassed for them to be read.

The blog I intend for people to read, or rather I hope. I hope for some interaction, so acknowledgement that I'm not crazy or I am good at what I do or I'm not alone. I hope for some relationship or friendship with folks who read me and folks whom I read. So it felt a little bit like it would be a waste just to type somewhere without any potential for the interaction I crave. I've got other places to write my thoughts unanswered. This place is for more.


Common Household Mom said...

I was locked out of my blog too, and the few comments I had on my latest post were zapped. I'm relieved it's back but I'm finding I'm too busy and tired for the past few days to write anything!

It is good to have interaction. I am finding that writing the blog is one way I have of helping me think through things and deal with life, but it's definitely intended to be public, not private, writing. I don't write a private journal.

I'm glad to read your blog and admire that you are posting every day.

KnittinPreacher said...

which is why it is not as much fun for me to blog on my locked blog... I get it.

Stephanie Anthony/She Rev said...

I understand, KP. I know I end up reading yours In chunks since it doesn't update on my list. I'm sure there's a better way to do it, but since I don't know how I haven't yet.