Tuesday, May 10, 2011

NaBloPoMo: Maybe, Day 10a

Folks are calling today May 10a. Or at least Presbygeeks are. I just got home from my presbytery meeting in which Presbytery of the Twin Cities area became the 87 vote to approve replacement language for "fidelity and chastity" in the Book of Order. If you're not Presbyterian (and maybe if you are), your eyes probably just glazed over. Long story short, presbyteries and session or. No longer specifically prohibited from ordaining open and practicing non-heterosexuals.

I'm probably supposed to gall philosophical here, but I don't think I will. It's late. I'm tired. And frankly I'm not all that philosophical. This is something I am in complete support of, but I haven't been an activist as some are. I was at GA when the previous language was proposed and began the process for inclusion. I was a YAD that year and was torn about staying in the church that had what seemed to me to be a ridiculous policy. I was angry and dismissive of folks on the "other side" who obviously just didn't get it.

I've grown over time, thank goodness, and now see that there are people of REAL FAITH on all sides of this issue. "They" aren't ignorant or clueless or uninformed. They are real people who read and pray and worry about the church just like I do. It sounds silly now, but it was a big change over in my thinking about these conversations in the church.

I know it's not over yet. There is still much division in the church. We still have the concern of same sex marriage to struggle with, but maybe this is a good beginning. Maybe this will be a new way to try to be the church together. Maybe we'll find out that we can live together and even serve and strive together. I sure hope so. I sure hope so.

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Common Household Mom said...

I think this is a good thing. It seems so anti-climactic, though - I didn't realize this big news would not come at a General Assembly. I want to echo your hope that all of the church can serve and strive together.