Thursday, April 21, 2011

I know I can!

It's my second of two rest days in the Couch to 5K program. I just finished up a re-run of week 5 (of 9). A few days ago I finally believed that I really can do this. I don't think I ever really believed it, even though I was putting a pretty nice front about it. I have only once run a mile before. And I don't mean once as in at one period in my life, or even one period in my adult life. I mean, once. Ever. I was in seminary and trying to get a little slimmer for my sister's up-coming wedding. There was a treadmill in the "workout room" upstairs from my own dorm room. I worked at it for a while, little by little, and finally ran for one mile straight. I was thrilled, ecstatic. I went down to my room and called my best friend who lived in Pennsylvania. I asked her how her days was, bursting with pride at my news, but wanting to be polite first. Before I got to share she told me hers. She had just returned from a 20 mile run. She was training for her first marathon. ((Whooosh)) Did you hear that? It was the wind rushing out of my sails. I didn't get back on the treadmill before that wedding a couple of weeks later.

So, other than that one time (I swear, even in elementary and junior high school, I walked the mile instead of running it), I had never run even just one mile straight and this program thinks it can get me to 3.1? I think it is!

This last week I decided to re-run most of Week 5 (3 runs building up to the 3rd which included 20 minutes of continuous running). I previously had to quit it after day two because my back went completely crazy. I have had sciatic nerve issues from my pregnancies, but this was insane pain and discomfort. After the 2nd day I went to the doctor who put me on some steroids and offered other pain meds. I turned the others down, and started my 6 day course of steroids. It was about 4 days before I was feeling a lot better, and I didn't bother to finish the rest of the week.

I started again with the mid-level run of the week on what was supposed to be the start of week 6. I did the 20 minute run the last two days to get me all caught up. The first one was actually easier than the second, partly I think because I was a little excited to even be trying it, partly also because I liked The Moth stories on my iPod better than my entertainment the second time, partly ALSO because I pushed my speed even harder on the second run. Anyway, the point is that when I finished the first one I suddenly felt like I could do it. I suddenly believed that I really will be running a 5K in just 4 more weeks, and I suddenly believed that I will be able to finish it, running the whole way.

It's exciting. I feel like I'm eating a whole lot of my words from years and years gone by when I talked about how horrible running must be. Here I am now, not only doing it, but maybe even enjoying it? It's crazy. It's absolutely crazy.

On the #runrevrun Twitter feed this afternoon a post titled "What's Your Motivation?" showed up. For some reason the link to the actual post isn't working, but I thought I'd do a short list to answer that question anyway:

1. Proving myself wrong - - I really can move my body.
2. Showing my daughter I'm healthy and I'm worth it.
3. Fitting into some new article of clothing that makes people say, "Wow! That looks great, but should a minister really wear something that sexy?"
4. More than anything - - eating dessert!

I'm sure the post is more thought provoking than that, but just thought I'd play a little!


Joan Calvin said...

Congratulations! I love C25K. (I've done it enough.) I also suffer with sciatica. This is what I've found: if I do my back stretches and exercises, I do pretty well avoiding pain. I went to a physical therapist with a ruptured disc and 25 years later I'm still doing the exercises.

Keep running!

Stephanie Anthony/She Rev said...

Thanks for the encouragement! I've got to stick to those exercises. I'm so undisciplined. I need to make some kind of Couch to 5K type check list, app thing. I seem to response to that!