Thursday, April 28, 2011

Big Questions

Questions?photo © 2008 Valerie Everett | more info (via: Wylio)
The ecumenical youth ministry our congregation is a part of is having an "Ask A Pastor" night at its meetings next week. I've signed up to be the pastor for the senior high group. The 20-something male youth leader is the other "pastor" fielding questions. He's non-ordained from an evangelical, non-denominational (I think) background. The youth come from Episcopal, ELCA Lutheran, American Baptist, and un-churched backgrounds. My own PC(USA) church has no high schoolers right now, so there aren't any of us in the mix.

We tried this in the fall and the kids didn't ask too many questions on the spot so it was different. The questions they did ask were "surface" questions. This time they have been submitting them in written form, and things are getting more interesting.

Just thought I'd share what's on the kids' minds and definitely get any input on answering any of them!!!

1. What is your favorite verse?

2. Was Jesus a Caucasian?

3. How old was Jesus when he died?

4. Why don’t the people in the Bible have last names?

5. How can I know I have a soul?

6. How long are people in heaven?

7. How can I know my faith is real?

8. What is your favorite part of a church service?

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Common Household Mom said...

I've looked at the list twice. They seem like good questions but I have no advice on giving answers. I think the question about Jesus being a Caucasian is interesting.