Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A Cinderella story

Some of the NCAA Basketball tournament brackets have helped give me a way into this Samuel story. Maybe. I'm not a HUGE basketball fan, but we all know the story of of "Cinderella" teams. Shoot, if we don't know Cinderella teams, I bet everyone knows Cinderella's own story. That will work with this version of how David came to be king.

Jesse and Samuel looked at all the likely candidates when Samuel was sent to find a replacement for Saul, but none of them were quite right. In fact, Jesse had written off David so badly he didn't even invite him to the party. It never crossed his mind that David could be the one to anoint.

How many of God's plans to we disregard because they don't fit our understanding of what is blessed? How many opportunities do we miss? How many callings do we ignore?

I think this is the direction I'm going. Now I need to go read up on VCU.

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