Monday, February 21, 2011

More than sermon writing

Well, look at this. My blog really DOES work for things other than sermons. I had no idea. It's been so long since I've had any other kind of post,I thought maybe it was somehow blocked from posting anything but sermons I have preached. Ho hum. Here's a shot.

I'm not feeling the lectionary this week. "Do not worry about what you will eat or what you will wear." It's not bad or anything; it's just that I preached the Luke version this fall. I'm 99% sure most folks wouldn't notice if I preached the Matthew version now. Shoot, 99% of folks wouldn't notice if I preached the exact same sermon, but I'd notice. I don't think I can do it already.

So, I decided I'd pick through the Sermon on the Mount and try something else that doesn't get covered. I've never tried preaching about the Lord's Prayer, so I'm thinking that's the way to go. The other portions about prayer around it are in the lectionary for Ash Wednesday, but I'll avoid those for now, and just work with the LP. It might end up being more a teaching than a usual preaching, but we'll see.

Things that stick out for me now:
1. The collective nature of it
2. Dealing with the whole temptation/time of trial and evil/evil one stuff
3. In this way - does it mean exactly like this as we have interpreted or does it mean similar?
4. God's will - - Do we REALLY mean what we're praying???

I'm pulled more to numbers 3 and 4 as preaching directions right now. We'll see.

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