Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Just thinking.

Hmmmmm...I'm thinking about closing up this shop. I currently have three different blogs going - this "anonymous" one (although I don't make it too hard for folks who know me to figure out who I am), the church one (with sermons on it just like this one), and a family one. From its beginnings I've wondered exactly how I'd use this one, and unfortunately I haven't done as much musing on the pastor/mother/preacher life as I thought I would. Not sure what to do.

The family blog is really intended for the extended relatives to keep up with the kiddos, so the occasional churchy stuff doesn't really fit there. Maybe I can just be OK with the fact that I'm not that active on this one and use it for what I need it for when I need it. Is that so wrong?

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knittinpreacher said...

No - -it's your blog. We all ebb and flow in how we use them. I'll honestly say I don't follow the other 2 like I should, so I would miss you here.