Monday, November 15, 2010

Re-preach Shuffle

So, I was supposed to have this coming Sunday off as my last continuing education week of the year. I didn't find events to go that fit my interests and schedule, so I decided to just take a week (Sunday included) off and read to get ready for a class I'm co-teaching next summer. I'm way behind in the reading for this and could really benefit from 4 days with nothing else to do.

Great plan. Poor execution.

The Stewardship team has had a slow start. While most churches have already dedicated their pledges and are moving on to Christ the King and Advent, we have just barely kicked off our poorly planned campaign. This Sunday is the one I have been asked to preach my "heavy-hitting" stewardship sermon. Well, the "heavy-hitting" is sort of my designation. I have never done a real harder-core money sermon. (Because who am I kidding? I don't really do hard core.) This one can't be about how stewardship is about everything - the earth, our time, our gifts, blah-da blah-da blah-da. This one has got to be about money. We're too good at the rest of stewardship. We're so good at it that we forget the money part, or give ourselves an excuse not to worry about it because we're so good at the other parts. So anyway, this time I'm preaching money.

All that said, I still want my week off (even if it means preaching on Sunday). Enter old stewardship sermon. This one is more generic, about gifts or talents more than money, but I think it can be tweaked. Here's the secret none of the rest of you ever told me, though. It's harder than it looks to tweak an old one! I hope I can get it MOSTLY done today, though, so I can move on to my other "have tos" tomorrow and spend Wednesday at the public library where hopefully, unlike at home, I won't just sleep on the couch, but read the books I need to read.

Pray for me!

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