Sunday, November 21, 2010

All that fuss...

...and I didn't even preach the sermon. I was a little nervous about my sermon below for this morning. It's more direct than I have gone before with money, and I was concerned about using myself as a "good example."

And after all that, I didn't even preach it. A pretty nasty layer of ice was laid down across the area over night. We didn't cancel, but thankfully many people didn't even bother to come. The roads were incredibly slick in many places.

That said, I had this stewardship sermon that I think delivers a pretty important word from God to our congregation. I didn't want to preach it only to the 30 or so of us who were there - - mostly folks who had some sort of responibility in the service or coffee time. Chances are anyway, that the folks who made it, probably didn't need the sermon on commitment! Talk about preaching to the choir. Literally.

Anyway, we changed it up and did a hymn sing kind of worship. Folks shared favorite Scripture, hymns, and blessings in their lives. It went well.

So, now the next dilemma. I plan to preach that sermon right below this next week, but next week is also the 1st Sunday of Advent. Do I retweak the retweak to try to fit Advent 1 a little better? Do I just preach what I've got and not worry? I'm leaning toward just preach what I've got and start my Advent series the first Sunday in December. I'll play with it a little week, but I have to say it doesn't hurt too bad to have a sermon pretty much done (either way) on a holiday week, especially when I probably have a funeral coming Tuesday or Wednesday. We had a member die on Saturday just days before her 101st birthday. God bless her!

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