Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Ten on Tuesday

This is me copying my blogging friends - - the friends whose blogs I'd rather read than write on my own. I have this problem where I think that every blog post needs to be an essay or something. I mean, I don't think that about other people's blogs. In fact, I tend not to read the ones that are long. It's just it always feels like my own needs to be deep and meaningful and profound. So when I can't come up with anything profound, I write nothing. When I write nothing, I have a really boring blog. When I have a really boring blog, no one reads and comments. When no one reads and comments, I wonder if anyone cares. You can see where this is going. So anyway, here are my 10.

1. Pearl's been sleeping a lot better lately. I mean just the last few nights, but I hope that it's the beginning of a good thing.

2. Her wake-up last night (not including the one when she was awakened by BOTH older siblings crying when they BOTH had accidents at midnight) was at 4:40 a.m. By the time she was fed and back in bed it seemed hardly worth it to get myself back in bed. Instead I spent AN HOUR knitting. GLORIOUS!

3. I'm completely bummed that our CE Committee does NOT want a children's Christmas program. We have overworked and overcommitted parents; I get that. They are all already involved in just about every facet of the Christian Education program. I get that. They just don't want to be committed to one more thing. Two years ago we all agreed that we wouldn't do a full "pagaent" every year, but only every other year. This was supposed to be a year. My kids are old enough finally and ready to do it. They WANT to do it, and I want to see them do it. And really, let's get honest, Pearl would be the cutest darn baby Jesus ever. Bah humbug!

4. LadyPrincess is walking home from school right now in 30 mph winds, rain, and 40 degree temperatures. I feel bad for her, but apparently not bad enough to go pick her up and drive her home.

5. I know I mentioned it yesterday, but I am energized by the stride I have been hitting. I am really proud about the improvements I have made in making pastoral visits and accomplishing things by phone. I hope that I am on my way to helping to lead the session more spiritually.

6. I still wish I could find the courage and confidence in my call in the way I direct the staff - - OK the one person on staff who needs some direction.

7. Godzilla cracks me up. I love that little guy. I tell him that he gives the best hugs in the whole house because he does. I hope that's not breaking some kind of parenting rule.

8. My husband baked me bread and a cherry pie yesterday. I guess I shouldn't whine quite so much that he won't scrub a toilet.

9. I can't wait to go to LadyPrincess' class tomorrow to teach another art class.

10. However, I am not thrilled that I forgot I need to still buy some materials for that. Remember that icky weather from #4? That's right now. It already broke one of my umbrellas today. Now I need to go out in it again. Blech.


Jules said...

I'm here! I read! I care!

She Rev said...

You made me smile. :)

Common Household Mom said...

On #3: I am on the C.E. Committee at our church, and two years ago the Dir. of Children's Ministries had a very difficult time getting the kids together for TWO pageant rehearsals. So last year she cancelled the pageant. Boy, did she hear about it from the parents of younger kids who were very disappointed not to see their kids in a Christmas pageant! Of course, it's still hard to get the kids together for two rehearsals....

But I think if we had a candidate for the Baby Jesus role, we would be making that pageant happen no matter what. Maybe you should wrap that baby in swaddling clothes and bring some hay in the sanctuary, with or without a pageant.

She Rev said...

I have sort of figured out a way to get my own kid to be Baby Jesus. Our 1st Christmas Eve service is a "family service." I started this last year. We're going to do a sort of impromptu pageant. We'll have the costumes on hand and sort of have the kids come up and set the scene on the spot - - sort of like a living nativity. I'll plant my little girl as Baby Jesus in this plan. Perfect!