Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Pastors need to dance, too!

Last week when I came back to work the final rehearsals for the Rainbow musical were underway. Rainbow is a secular organization for youth and young adults with disabilities that has been near and dear to our congregation's heart. Rainbow rented space in our building (at mission price) for their first three years of full-time programming and still come back to hold their summer camp in our space now that they purchased their own building 8 months ago.

For reasons I don't really know when they do their annual musical they play the music at FULL VOLUME. I don't ever complain about the noise they make in their "ministry," because it is a joy to me that it takes place, but this was a little out of hand. I went into the sanctuary to see if I could simply turn off the speakers throughout the building since they only need the sanctuary ones for the show.

While I was there I ran into Allie, one of the Rainbow daycampers.

Allie: I'm having fun! What do you want?
Me: Well, I was looking for a way to turn the music down a little bit because it's a little bit loud in the rest of the building. I just want to turn our speakers off, but let you guys still listen.
Allie: Oh. OK. Who are you?
Me: I'm SheRev.
Allie: Well, why are you here?
Me: I work here. I'm the pastor at the church.
Allie: Cool! Well, pastors and priests need to dance, too!

Well, yes, Allie, we do. Thanks for the reminder!

"Praise God with tambourine and dance; praise God with string and pipe!" (Ps. 150:4) (Check this link for a great video that YouTube wouldn't let me embad.)

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