Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Godzilla is back

Just the other day I was wondering if maybe I should re-blogname my son, Godzilla. He's just over 3 now, and I wasn't sure if the name still fit. He doesn't destroy AS MUCH anymore, but mostly we just haven't called him that at home in a while like we used to. I was thinking maybe I'd re-blogname him "Stink" since that is his nickname at home. Horrible, I know. It came about around the time he was starting to potty train. After he pooped in his diaper he'd come up to the nearest adult and simply say, "I stink!" He nicknamed himself, really!

However, after this morning, I think Godzilla will stay for a while. He got stuck in the open back of the chair. I don't know how he did it; I was on the couch nursing Pearl at the time. When I finally decided his cries weren't just fake whines, and she seemed to be full, I went over to see the problem, and there he was stuck with his back half through the back of the chair and his front half laying on the seat. It took some maneuvering (during which I did have mental images of me digging through the toolbox for the right screwdriver to take the chair apart), but I got him out (not before I snapped a picture, though).

This all happened AFTER he colored on his face "becauth becauth becauth (he has a little lisp) I couldn't find any paper!"

But it was BEFORE he peed through the toilet seat (he's still to short to stand up) onto the back of his clean underwear and shorts, the last pair of each.

But it was AFTER he bit his (older) sister, LadyPrincess, on the shoulder I THINK because she was clicking through the channels instead of just watching one while I was getting ready downstairs. (I hope he remembers his HATRED of that habit when he's a grown man and is tempted to do it himself.)

So, anyway, Godzilla is back.

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