Friday, August 13, 2010

Friday Five: Dog Days of Summer Edition

SingingOwl gave us some summer questions. I haven't played in ages, but thought this was a good way to ease back into the swing of blogging, etc.

1. What is the weather like where you live?
Stormy and humid. It's been nasty hot and sticky all week. Not fun, in my opinion.

2. Share one thing you love about this time of year.
Hmmmm...I'm really not a heat person. It's the reason I live in Wisconsin and not in Florida where I grew up. However, I can play along. I love not having to do the whole bundling thing, especially with children, every time I want to leave the house. I like the beautiful nights when we can sit outside for dinner. I LOVE it when my husband smokes ribs, and I pig out eating them.

3. Share one thing you do NOT love about this time of year.
Heat with humidity, even though it's a lot less here than it was growing up I still just don't like it.

4. How will you spend the remaining days leading up to Autumn?
Well, I've been away from work all summer, but the last few weeks will see be getting back to the church, getting the littler kids established in their daycare routines, and starting the biggest one off in kindergarten. Next week is a run around week since I'm back at work and my older one is doing the daycamp shuffle to keep her occupied. The next week my mom is in town to help out with her. Whew. We've also got a lot of houseguests in the next month. I think I'll spend a lot of my days cleaning!

5. Share a good summer memory.
For some reason the ones I've been thinking about a lot this summer are my summers spent in Europe as a child. That sounds way more pretentious than I mean it, too. My parents were divorced, and my dad lived in Germany for a portion of my childhood. Summer was the time of our longer trip to visit him. I have a few good memories of that time, and honestly, a few not so good memories, but that's a blog for another day if ever. I'm thinking right now of the little towns and villages he would find for us to visit, the cool tiny hotels and gasthauses and the beautiful mountain views.

Bonus: What food says SUMMER to you?
Although it's never been much of a favorite for me, watermelon definitely says summer.


Martha Williams Jordan said...

Somehow trying to bundle up kids is a real project. I never thought it was a big deal until children

Sharon said...

That is a delicious picture!

Deb said...

You're absolutely right about the freedom from bundling up! Not just the kids though. I love not having to wear a coat, and being able to be barefoot a good deal of the time!

SingingOwl said...

We all seem to have sort of let blogging slip. Dunno why. I'm trying to do better too. We aren't supposed to have this kind of heat and humidity in Wisconsin--but I'm trying not to complain...cause...well, you know what's coming.

Gorgeous watermelon pic!