Sunday, April 4, 2010

Something's brewing

My favorite Easter afternoon e-mail to receive:

SheRev, We need to talk. Something's brewing that you need to know about. How about Wednesday or Thursday evening?
Personnel Chair

Really? "Something's brewing" is all I get and 3 or 4 days to sit with that?


KnittinPreacher said...


can you ask for some more info so that you can be prepared for the meeting?

winsomelearnsome said...


Well I guess that's healthier than them sending that email to the EP and telling you about it a few days later...

I'm sure your situation is nothing to do with you, though. Here's hoping it turns out okay. (Maybe they have just decided to double your maternity leave with full pay or something. Hey, a pastor can dream.)

She Rev said...

I can, I guess. She's actually very good as a chair, so I'm guessing (hoping) since she didn't say anything more it's more about keeping me abreast of something instead of something about me. But really. Just a little stressful to have hanging around.

We'll see. This time I really can't imagine anything it could be that's about me. I THINK, actually, now that I'm thinking about it, it could be about our choir director who I think is on his way out the door. I love him dearly (although get frustrated by his somewhat prima donna attitude, which he TOTALLY owns up to), and just as someone who cares about him as a person thinks he probably should go. He has things in his life he wants to accomplish (wife, family) and he is OVERBOOKED. Our position is the least fulfilling to him personally of all the jobs he does, so if he were coming to me for counseling, I'd counsel him to leave! Anyway, doesn't matter. We'll see in a few days time!

Thanks ladies!