Monday, April 19, 2010

Losing My Mojo

The real countdown is getting going. I have just 3 sermon to write until my maternity leave. They are getting harder and harder. My creativity and ability to focus, to read into the Scripture for the Word for our community now, is just drying up completely. My sermon from two weeks ago turned out OK, I guess, but it was HORRID to write. It was worse than pulling teeth, ended up in a format I don't usually write or like (it had distinct POINTS, like "First...", "Second...", "Third..." Where did THOSE come from?).

I'm off this week becaues of continuing education, but I'm back on May 2nd and already working on it to get the bulletin done before I leave town. This one is likely to again have 3 points, and (get this cheese-factor) might be based on an acronym. What has gotten into me?

My coach has warned me that when I come back from maternity leave I need to cut myself some slack on the sermons I write. I hear her, and I'll try to do it. However, I don't think I was prepared for the need for slack already. Oh my. Well, I guess it's just 3 sermons. I'm almost there.


angela said...

Are you writing sermons for when you're not there? Why do you do the bulletin?

Just wondering. At our church one of the members is responsible for the bulletin. There are 9 of us trained in writing and giving sermons so that if our pastor can't be at one of the three churches we serve, we cover for her. It sounds like you might be doing too much all alone.

She Rev said...

No, I'm only writing for the ones I'm here to give. I have 5 weeks before leave starts, but 1 week I'm gone (this coming Sunday) and 1 week (the week before the baby is due) that we're going to do something that is not pastor-dependent in case I deliver early.

I write the bulletin/order of worship for the Sundays I preach. It's pretty standard for most of the churches I know. In my opinion it keeps worship cohesive with a theme and flow that way. I know where the sermon will go, so I can write prayers and pick hymns and order the elements of worshp according to that theme and direction. Someone else does the formatting and all of that, but I create the pieces that go into the bulletin. I like it that way a lot.

I do them sometimes for the Sundays throughout the year when we have pulpit supply, like for vacation or continuing education. This week is one of those weeks. I will not do it while I am on maternity leave. I don't do it every time, it just sort of depends on the situation (who the supply preacher is, how much notice they have, how comfortable they are with our order of worship, etc.)

So before I leave this week I'm taking care of things for the supply preacher on April 25, but also trying to get everything done for May 2, the Sunday I come back, so that I don't have to worry about it while I'm off next week. That part is not too bad.

I'm just slowing down in my sermon writing as I'm getting more and more tired and closer and closer to my leave. I'm feeling much less creative and less focused on proclaiming the Word.