Friday, April 9, 2010

Friday Five: On the road again

Sophia posted at RevGals: Some Gals and Pals may have been able to travel to join family or visit a vacation spot last week; some who had to stay put then may be traveling this weekend; and, if I recall correctly, some lucky ones are heading out to the Big Event next weekend. Hence: a road trip Friday Five.

1. When was your last, or will be your next, out of town travel?
We returned from a family vacation in Florida right before Palm Sunday. I head out to upstate New York for continuing education at the end of this month - - right when I am 36+ weeks pregnant. Lord, may the flights be smooth!

2. Long car trips: love or loathe?
We NEVER took car trips as a kid, so I always thought I'd hate them. I don't though. I loved driving to and from college (10 hours). My drive for my move from seminary to my first call was like a sacramental rite of passage. If it hadn't taken me two days of driving on my own I don't know that it would have felt real. Not a fan of the car travel with a child younger than 2, but I guess we're about to enter that stage of life again!

3. Do you prefer to be driver or passenger?
Before knitting - - driver. Since starting knitting - - passenger.

4. If passenger, would you rather pass the time with handwork, conversing, reading, listening to music, or ???
As implied above, handwork!!! I love a good car conversation, too, but my husband (my usual car trip companion) is NOT much of a chatter.

5. Are you going, or have you ever gone, on a RevGals BE? Happiest memories of the former, and/or most anticipated pleasures of the latter?
Would love to, but just haven't made it work yet.

6. Bonus: a favorite piece of road trip music.
Pretty much any Indigo Girls will do when I'm traveling alone. Not as much fun when others are with me because I like to belt 'em out! This is a long-time personal favorite for belting, though.

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