Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Moon light

Psalm 36:9 "For with you is the well of life, and in your light we see light."

I like moonlight much more than daylight. I always have. I can remember being in preschool or kindergarten (I don't remember which since my kindergarten was at my preschool, not the public school) and it must have been spring because the teachers were VERY excited to get us outside for playtime. (I lived in Maryland at this point in my life, NOT Florida where I usually say I'm "from.") Anyway, I was hanging back just sitting under the overhang of the building, sort of shivering because it wasn't THAT warm where I was. A teacher came to encourage me to go out and play in the sunshine, and I remember looking up to declare, "I hate the sun."

I'm not really sure where that came from, but I remember it clearly. And I definitely don't HATE the sun, but when it comes to the time of day I enjoy most and the light that is produced, the atmosphere created I much prefer the night to the day. The light isn't so revealing. It isn't SO illuminating. It doesn't overwhelm every other light in the sky. You can't see the stars during the day. I know they are there; they don't just hang out on one side of the earth's rotation. But when the sun shines you can't see them.

The moon is more diplomatic, gentler. It shares it's glory. Shoot, it isn't even its own glory, it just reflects someone else's. It can light up the night sky enough to read a book sometimes, but it doesn't expose you the same way the sun does. It doesn't tell all your secrets.

I miss the moon when it is in the new moon phase like some people miss the sun in the long dark winter. As it gets smaller day by day I almost mourn its waning. But when it starts to grow again, night by night, I can feel the excitement rising in me.

I know the sun is often the symbol of Jesus, and I can respect that comparison and all. I just like the moon. I feel the love of God in the night. I can look at the moon and see it. It isn't so bright its details are hidden; it's open for interaction for sharing light and love and receiving it. The relationship just seems so much more dynamic to me.

Prayer: Jesus Christ, Light of the World, illumine me. Amen.

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