Sunday, February 28, 2010

A Real Princess

1 John 3:1 "See what love the Father has given us, that we should be called children of God."

I remember being told I was a child of God for the first time. It happened way too late, and for that reason I spend a great deal of my children's ministry time (which isn't nearly as much as it was before I was a solo pastor) telling kid's just that. "You are a child of God."

My first hearing of the good news came in one of my marathon cry sessions with my pastor as a teenager. I had "issues," you could say. This particular one came when we were on a retreat of sorts, and I was struggling with all sorts of things - family things, friend things, who knows what other things. At some point in the whole discussion I was just genuinely upset that I mattered to no one. I was useless, worthless, and unimportant. My pastor looked into my eyes, or as close as I would let him, eye-contact was not my thing in those days, and said, "SheRev, you are God's child. You are a princess in the kingdom of God."

He said it over and over to my hardened face and hardened heart. Over and over and over. Over and over while I cried (again). Over and over until I could say it for myself.

I am a child of God. If I have no worth to any other person on earth (he was smart enough not to try to unconvince me of my worthlessness becaus I never would have believed him anyway), that's fine, because I have worth to God. It was an empowering and grace-filled feeling and knowledge that came out of that day. It wasn't just a touchy-feely, God's loves me, sort of thing. It gave me strength. It gave me value. It gave me worth in the eyes of the one who mattered most. With all that, I could overcome anything.

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