Friday, February 19, 2010

A Piece of Infinity

Psalm 102:11

If may days are so short and so fleeting in the grand scheme of things, why are thy here at all? Why bother, God? Why bother with my personality, my individual quirks, my gifts, my annoying habits, my short-comings, my successes, the things at which I excell? Why bother with any of us if we are just a blip in a nanosecond of eternity? If we just wither like grass or fade like a shadow? Why bother?

What shape do I make in your kingdom? What shade do I provide? What interest do I add? What purpose do I serve for the limited time I have on this side of creation?

Show me, God. Lead me to discover and quiet me to listen to your voice. Help me to trust the skills you have given me enough to really use them to serve you and your purpose. Give me confidence to step out in faith and know that I am equipped to serve not because of something I have conjured up, but because of the strength you give me - - and you really do give it to me. Help me believe what I tell others - you have made me good enough to do the job that is set before me, to answer the call I have heard.

Your love, O Lofd, is from everlasting to everlasting. Amen

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