Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Keeping it together

I've noticed that the more cluttered my house gets, the cleaner my office gets. Up until Christmas Eve of this year I was living in the middle of immense clutter in both places. Horrible. Really really bad. I've been trying to a while to stay on top of the home clutter, but it has been frustratingly unsuccessful. Poo.

However, on Christmas Eve, when I was insanely prepared for two services, the following Sunday, and EVEN the Sunday after that, but still had time, I decided to clean my office.

It still looks awesome. That's the most abnormal part to me. I'm usually pretty good at getting a quick clean-up done, but maintaining it? HECK NO! However, I think the increased mess at home, which got worse with the new Christmas toys, is driving me to have control over my environment somewhere. The office is it.

I'm getting good at something I've always stunk at - - put it away when you're done using it. And another one - - make sure everything is packed up and tidy when you leave at the end of the day. So stupid. So easy. But it's making all the difference in the world. Maybe over time I'll get so used to doing it all here that it will finally become my habit at home. And then when it's my habit maybe others in the house will pick up on it, too.

Or maybe I'm just dreaming. Oh well. For now, I can handle it with even just one place staying in order. That's already a big enough change.

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