Saturday, September 5, 2009

An Evening at the Fair

Things witnessed/heard/saw/thought at the State Fair:

1. Even just watching a birth is exhausting. At the Miracle of Birth pavilion I think ever woman who had ever born a child (myself include), pushed with that cow. Long active labor due to breech presentation, but that little bull made it out.

2. Do the churches at the State Fair serve communion-on-a-stick? Deep fat fried wafers on stick dipped in wine? Maybe I need a to take our congregation to the fair next year.

3. Skyways are still fun when you're not a kid.

4. The crowd at the MN Winegrowers booth was WAY different than the crowd at the Open Class Elvis Impersonators stage.

5. Pumpkins can get REALLY big!!!

6. I did not see any Jewish rabbits (or rabbis that I know of).

7. Girl seen talking on cell phone while riding on horse. I know it's 2009, but that just seemed weird to me.

8. Some people just were not made to be salespeople. You should haven't to ask a guy three questions about his product in the Random-assortment-of-as-seen-on-TV Products Pavilion before he offers any information about his unbreakable plates.

9. There's a fine line between trying to strongly encourage/convince and chastising/mocking. Tread it carefully.

10. If you advertise hotdogs encased in spiral cut potatoes on a stick in every newspaper for months leading up to the fair, you should make them WAY easier to find at said fair.

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