Wednesday, May 27, 2009

What're you smoking?

What're you smoking?

I jokingly asked this of my secretary this morning because she's in a goofy mood. It's what the "sneerers" asked the disciples on Pentecost, too, "Are you DRUNK?" They couldn't come up with a better excuse for these people to be speaking the way they were - - in languages they couldn't understand, with a message so wide it couldn't be comprehended.

When was the last time someone asked us, THE CHURCH, or us, First Presbyterian Church that kind of question? When was the last time we were doing something so outrageous it could only be started by the Spirit?

Pentecost was the birth of the church, and the church started with a bang. The church started with tongues of fire and tongues of many languages. The church started by being DIFFERENT from everything else out there. If we aren't raising eyebrows by what we're doing different are we being the church the Spirit bore into the world?

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