Friday, May 15, 2009

Holy Moments

My friend David, who blogs over at, asked for some of our "holy moments," times when we just KNEW God was present. I've had a my share of these, maybe more than my share. I'm just thankful for them when they appear.

As a mom: A night probably almost a year ago now when the kids and I were just laughing it up and giggling and playing piled on a bed. It even ended happily - no tears from anyone. My husband snapped a close-up picture of our faces, and it is one of my favorites.

As a pastor: Praying with and over a member of my current congregation, a member of the PNC, in fact, just 2 weeks after I started, as she lay in ICU after serious complications from chemotherapy that started a few days before I did at the church. She died within 4 1/2 months of my start at this church. Her trust in God and in me in helping to call me to that church was made very real when she became my first pastoral care focus.

As a wife: Nothing too crazy here, but a day spent together at an amusement park. I know it doesn't sound particularly "holy," but it was. For Christmas my parents gave us tickets and a day away while they got to play with the grandkids. Away from the kids for a whole day we got to just be husband and wife, laughing together, walking together, talking together. There were no rules about avoiding talk about kids, as I have heard some couples do, but instead we were able to chat about kids without them interrupting, make plans, dream dreams, and hey - - ride some really great roller coasters! I don't think we had held hands that much in ages.

As a friend: Crying on the phone with a friend, a pediatric emergency room physician, while she struggles and lives with MS.

A few months ago I posted on the difference between joy and happiness. For me joy is when I know that I'm doing exactly what God wants me to be doing in that exact moment. I think that definition fits for me for "holy moments," too.

Thanks for posting again, David! You know I love it!

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