Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Vote for God and Jesus (and the Holy Spirit)

I didn't have a chance to go vote in some of our local elections earlier today, so on our way home from dinner with my father-in-law, who is in town for a meeting, my husband dumped me at the door of the Methodist church that is our polling place about 15 minutes before they closed. When our almost 4 year old daughter (4D) realized we weren't heading toward our house she asked where we were going. I told her I needed to go vote so they were going to wait in the car for me to do that.

4D: What's vote mean?
Me: It's when I get to go choose who I want to be our leaders.
4D: God and Jesus are our leaders. You should choose them.
Me: Well, their names aren't going to be on the paper, so I'll have to choose other people.
4D: They are the real leaders, Mommy, you should get to choose them.
Me (sort of feeling caught and unsure of what to say, I choose to check her theology): What about the Holy Spirit? Isn't that a leader, too?
4D: HOLY SPIRIT?!?!? That's not a leader. Just God and Jesus.
(Ugh, we Presbyterians really have some work to do!)
Husband: Really? You're going to work on the Trinity at age 4?
Me: Well, she brought the other two up as our leaders. I might as well try to fix this Holy Spirit problem now!

After I came out from voting (and by the way the church was having a dress rehearsal for their Last Supper reenactment drama) - -
4D: Were they in there, Mom? Did you get to vote for God and Jesus?
Me (laughing because of the visions of the reenactment going through my head): Yeah, they were in there, but I didn't get to vote for them.
4D: Well, they are our leaders right? Even if you can't vote for them?
Me: Yep, we got them without even getting to choose. Even the Holy Spirit.


Martha Williams Jordan said...

What great insight from your daughter about God and Jesus being our leaders even if we don't chose them.

Thanks for the good chuckle too. As a pastor and mother, I have to cringe at what my girls say during children's moments in worship but I also rejoice that they are learning theology from an early age.

SingingOwl said...

:-) :-) :-)