Friday, April 24, 2009

Friday Five: Bucket List

It's been ages since I've done a Friday Five, but since we're skipping the gym this morning and waiting for the zoo to open I'll play while the kids watch TV. Wonderful parenting.

Anyway, I thought I'd just do my "Travel Bucket List" - places I want to go (or return to) before I die.

1. Russia - - just have always wanted to go.
2. Peru - - would round out my need to get to every continent, and I really want to see the Inca ruins.
3. Malawi - - lived in Ghana and Kenya for 3 months each at various times, Malawi is HIGH on my dream list
4. India
5. Egypt & Jordan (OK, so they're 2 places, but I don't care. They're close enough that I could put them in the same trip, and I want to see the same kinds of archeaological sites in them both.)


revhipchick said...

Peru--I've always wanted to go there, seeing the Incan ruins would be amazing. Great list!

Mary Beth said...

I'll tag along to India!

altar ego said...

Machu Pichu is on my list. One of these days...

And I loved Egypt--totally cool to ride a camel named Sayed, and the beauty of the mosques is awe-inspiring.

Great list!

MaineCelt said...

Count me in for the Inca Ruins trip... been interested in them ever since I read Nancy Drew's adventure there in "The Clue of the Crossword Cipher" when I was eight or nine years old. The thought of an entire culture that thrived without wheels or money is pretty compelling!

Jan said...

What wonderful places to visit. Peru and India especially.

Jane said...

Sounds like quite a travel plan - enjoy prearing all of that and getting to the palces