Monday, March 9, 2009

Needing Easter

My blog and my ministry are needing Easter. Granted we haven't spent too much time in Lent according to the calendar, but I feel like we've been here for quite a while. We are needing new life.

On ministry - - I feel like I've been just hanging on to the routine, gotta-get-it-done stuff, but missing out on the caring, loving, spiritually-charged ministry opportunities. I guess lately I've been feeling like a "preacher," but not necessarily a "minister." Does that make sense? I'm trying to find ways to organize my time so that the stuff that's gotta happen happens, and the stuff that needs to happen happens. I'm not reaching out to the body of Christ well. I'm not spending time in conversation with and prayer for my church. I'm not really growing in Christ myself so I'm struggling to lead the church in that kind of growth itself. The way I am a minister by God's calling needs to change, and I'm pretty sure I'm ready to let God make that change in me. As ready as I'll ever be.

On the blog - - well, it's been a year and it could have been worse. Recently I was getting myself organized to "go public" with this, but I'm not sure I'm really going to do that now. Hmmm...I guess I need to just decided what I'm trying to do here. If I showed up more regularly that might help. I don't need a place to just post sermons. I like having a place to type out some pre-sermon ideas. But could/should this be more than that? Ho hum. Maybe I'll try a few new uses for this and see what feels like a fit. Not sure what the point is right now, though.

Waiting for the resurrection...


1-4 Grace said...

Not sure if this is of help or not. I have just started a blog for church folks. I used a different blogsphere, because I did nto know how to not attach this one.
Anyhow, I blog for church folks, with sermon thougths, polls, silliness, and updates on a variety of things. I did this in hopes of them linking it to the webstie (not yet up) and for the new installed pastor to have his/her blog posted, if desired.
So, it does mean I am a little more busy with blog here and there and then spacehook.
However, if you have a second one, this allows you a "safe" place to blog and then one for more public use.
I am trying to deiccde if this is a good idea or not. Blessings for you as you await Easter. Oh, are you going to Festival of Homies? I may have already asked, but I forgot.

bythesea said...

She Rev - I hear you about doing preaching and other needed tasks but trying to find a way to do more "ministering"! I pray as we draw closer to actual easter that you get that infusion of life, grace, love, and healing that is Easter into those places of your life and ministry where you feel you need it.