Monday, December 1, 2008

Advent Virtual Retreat - Session 2

Over at the second session of the RevGals Advent Virtual Retreat, Songbird, asked these questions:

1. What demands your attention in this Advent season?
2. What in your life needs to be scattered by God's arm?
3. What brings you joy?

One and two I worked on in session 1 I think. Number 3 is another story. Shouldn't that be an easy question? Well, it would be if I was thinking about joy in the giddy, happy way she first described. What about REAL joy, though? Joy that comes not because my stomach does flip-flops of excited, not silliness, or even sentimentality. What about joy that comes only when I know the divine has met the human, joy that comes when I KNOW God is with us, a theme many others found in session 1. I think that's what joy is - when the divine becomes tangible and evident and revealed.

Worship that has been not about me, but about praising God (whether I'm leading or just participating) brings me joy. The feeling after the fact that God's will has been done brings me joy. Days when I have been used to the full potential God has created in me bring me joy.


Songbird said...

I love your description of joy!

Juniper said...

i always think of joy coming from deep within - from that God-inspired place that you describe here.