Sunday, August 10, 2008

My First Story

I tried out my new story-telling in worship this morning. I gave a little introduction to what it was all about and why I was doing it. I said that part of my reason was for myself. It's true. I am needing something to help me dig into the Scriptures even more, and storytelling seems to be it. It's a challenge. It's rooted in the Bible. It's creative. And I think it's something I will be good at.

What's strange about this morning's story is that I can't really even remember it. I don't think I made any glaring mistakes. I didn't have the story blocked out as well as I did for the Acts story I did at Synod School, but I think that's OK. I moved around the chancel area in a way that felt like it made sense. One of the only things I can remember thinking during the whole thing was that a few of my gestures may have been cheesy and appeared too rehearsed since they weren't very natural or flowing.

I was also very aware of my preaching after the story-telling in a new way. It was interesting to hear myself as it was going on. I loved my delivery.

Next week is Peter in the boat. We'll see how that goes.

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