Monday, August 11, 2008

Bathtub communion

Only the pastor's kid right?

Last night I was needing a bit of a mommy break and so I set LadyPrincess up with one of her favorite pasttimes a "good bath". The quality of the baths in our house is directly proportional to the amount of water allowed in the tub. The more water, the better the bath. Last night's bath for the 3 year old was just shy of divine.

In more way than one.

Don't berate me for leaving my kid somewhat unattended in the tub. I won't listen to you anyway. LP was taking her (very full) bath and I was in the living room on the couch reading my latest Christian Century. Her singing and chattering (and splashing - ugh) was evidence enough for me that she was not drowning. I wasn't really paying attention to what she was saying, just tuning in enough to know that she was saying something (and, therefore, not drowning).

As a finished one article, though, and was turning the page to start on the next. I heard her talking about pizza crust. It's been a while since we've had pizza so I wondered what brought that on. I listened a little closer. I realized I misheard her. She was really saying "Peace of Christ". That alone cracked me up. Not too many kids pass the peace to floating dolphin toys I suspect.

Well, next I heard her saying "Peace of Christ cup". At this point I couldn't sit by any longer. I had to go investigate.

When I looked into the tub there on every available ledge were various plastic cups (usual bathtub toys at our house) each with a plastic dolphin sitting happily inside. I asked LadyPrincess what she was doing. She said, "I'm doing the Peace of Christ cup." (Duh, Mom, is how I really interpreted that.)

Then I asked what exactly one does with a Peace of Christ Cup.

She demonstrated. "You take your pretend bread" (a smiling purple plastic Flipper) "And dip it in the Peace of Christ Cup, then you eat it, then you go back to your seat quietly." (Apparently my husband was having a hard time keeping her quiet in worship that morning, so I bet he'd be happy to find out at least one lesson stuck!)

As I write about it today I wonder if she knows the difference in her mind between "piece" and "peace". I mean, this is the same little girl who calls the drawbridge the coloring bridge. Piece of Christ Cup has a whole new (or really ancient), not so Reformed meaning.

Anyway, at the time I thought about using this "teachable moment" to talk about the Peace of Christ Cup and what it means, but sometimes a cup and a dolphin just have to be a cup and a dolphin, or a Peace of Christ Cup and pretend bread. Either way, it seemed too much of a stretch to make something out of it, so I just enjoyed watching her relive and recreate the communion celebration of the morning worship.

May the Peace of Christ be with you!

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