Monday, August 4, 2008

Back at it

I'm back from Synod School and trying to focus in here today. Really. I'm trying. I'm also contemplating going public with the blog. Not sure yet. I'd have to edit some published things a bit, but there shouldn't be too much. I guess I'm just trying to decide what the purpose of this blog is, and that will help me make my decision. I don't really blog too much that's "incriminating" or whining about the church or people. If I did a lot of that I'd want to stay anonymous. I don't, though, so what's the harm in attaching a name to this? Not much that I can think of right now. It might also be a good thing to attach to the congregation's website and do some more intentional mixing of scripture, theology, family and faith stuff. We'll see. I'll keep thinking on it.

My thoughts are stemming from an archived post I read a while back on Bruce Reyes-Chow's blog.

So anyway - - off to worship prep for Sunday. I think I'm going to try starting my biblical storytelling that I learned last week. I LOVED doing it at Synod School, and think it could be a fruitful part of my ministry, or at least my own spiritual discipline and sermon prep. We'll see.

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1-4 Grace said...

I will keep you in thoughts as you think about going public with blog. I have not gone public, but have enough info on there that anyone can figure it out if they know me. If nothing else, the cats' pics would certainly give me away.
Problems at past call were aired a year or mroe ago, but with that behind me, I think I may be mroe public.
Would love to know more of what you learned at synod school re: story telling for sermons, etc.
Always need fresh and new ideas.
Thanks for sharing a story!