Friday, July 25, 2008

Friday Five: On the Road Again

In honor of those preparing to leave on trips (of which the kids and I are one such specimen), Singing Owl of the RevGals asks, "What are the 5 things you simply must have when you are away from home?"

I may pack a lot, but I consider myself a pretty low maintenance traveler. Let's see what I can come up with!

1. Journal. I never end a day without it, and I never leave it behind when I'm gone.
2. My own soap, Dove. For some reason most other soaps, even mild ones, leave a rash on my chest.
3. A good airplane/car/train book. Probably more thought goes into this than anything else when traveling. It's got to be engaging enough that I will jump right into it and not get bored and toss it aside, but not TOO fast of a read because then I finish it and have to buy another. I try to just bring one book per trip so that I don't have to accumulate too much. Depending on the length of time in the car or air without child interuption, though, sometimes I'll bring two. If I'm going to my mom's though, I ALWAYS take a new one from her stash before I leave!
4. The iPod. Full of good music and lots of podcasts it's perfect for me when I want to ignore everything else, or, lately, good for LadyPrincess so we can ignore her. (I mean that in the nicest way.)
5. Cash. I know there are lots of other easier and safer ways to travel, but I still feel the need to grab about $100 in cash before I go on a trip. Ya never know.

My own bonus - - My favorite cd for traveling is and always has been Paul Simon's Graceland. The beats, the songs, the lyrics, the sing-along-ability makes it my number one road trip album.

The kids and I head to Synod School on Monday after worship. I will likely be out of the loop until after Aug. 3. See ya then!


Mary Beth said...

Oh, this is one of my all time fave videos and albums, too! Thanks for the lift! safe travels!

Jan said...

This is a good list, though I do not have an ipod.

Mrs. M said...

I love this album, too!