Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Vacation check-in

It's later than I wish it were, but the kids would not go down tonight. I don't know what the story was. Even by our timezone it was a late night. I hate when they do that because it extends my night so much. I like to have at least a LITTLE time awake without kids each night, but when they don't fall asleep until 10:00 p.m. and I'm sharing a room with LadyPrincess that makes it hard to get my time without being wiped out the next day. Godzilla just has to be working on this second tooth. He is usually so mild mannered, and while he's been pretty good, parts of his days he has spent a BEAR. I drugged him for bed tonight so hopefully he'll sleep well.

It turns out there's a Cokesbury not even 5 miles from my mom's house. I went and spent at least an hour there during naptime today. I rocked my world. It wasn't a huge one or anything, but I was able to arm myself with a stack of Matthew commentaries to help me through my summer preaching plan. I'm taking the gospel lesson each week through the middle of August (except for one week), so it will be nice to have some back-up help on a few weeks that will be tough. I don't want to do the same-old, same-old with the parables in particular, so I needed some extra help with those newer ideas. I've got some initial thoughts, but my intense New Testament knowledge isn't up to speed in terms of literary forms and parable studies. Hopefully these commentaries will give me a little boost when I'm stuck.

Guess I should go. I'm guiltily thrilled to be sharing a room/bed with Karoline. She's getting to be a big girl (just turned 3) and our extended cuddle moments are slowly getting further and further between. It was nice last night to roll over in the night and have her so close. When she woke up this morning she snuggled in to me for a little while. I loved it! It helps that she hates covers. No worries about a covers-hog!!!!

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