Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Festival Fun

I met a bunch of the RevGals tonight. I was SO fired up about this that I know I talked people's ears off. Sorry! It's not too much of a secret that I'm a little wordy. I don't have that kind of clergy/colleague/female support and friendship where I am right now so I was pretty excited to meet some of the ladies in person. It also helps me remember who's who a little better. I haven't been good at that.

I'm also hoping that this renewed energy for blogging will stick coming from the meet-up. I guess renewed energy isn't the right word, but permission is what I'm talking about. Permission to NOT right a 3 volume post every time. Little short snipets are OK. I like reading those from others, and I think I can do more short reflections and updates so that I don't feel like I'm way behind when I sit down to do deeper reflections.

The Festival is going well. It's my first time really thinking hard about preaching. I basically just got through my one intro class in seminary because I never thought I'd be a parish minister. Don't ever say that to God. Now I'm preaching full time and loving it, but wish I could go back and take preaching 101 again so I can hear what it is that they said. I'm feeling commissioned for the task again here at the Festival. I hope I'm absorbing as much as I'm enjoying it in the moment. I think I'll buy some of the CDs so I can remember them and revisit them later!

Missing the kiddos. It was like this a lot more when Karoline was an infant. In that call I worked almost every night so Phil was essentially the primary caregiver. I haven't had that as the case for about a year, and I forgot what it was like to just see her (and now her and William) just for 20 minutes in the morning - - some of the most stressful 20 minutes of the day.

I'll get them back next week, though, when I take them to Florida to see Mimi. 3 hours on a plane with 2 kids by myself. Fun fun fun!!!!!


Singing Owl said...

I am with you in that I didn't pay much attention in my one and only homiletics class because I did not intend to be doing what I am doing today. I am loving this homiletic advice! I am sad that I only really got to talk to three or four people at any length at our meet up, but glad we did all get to at least see each other's faces! Blog on, sistah. ;-)

revhipchick said...

very cool and wonderful that you were able to bond in person! hooray!